About Us


At Renew Maryland we believe in a cleaner, stronger and more prosperous Maryland for everyone. A Maryland that we are proud to call home today, and for future generations.


We are working to:

  • Share stories that highlight the positive steps that Marylanders and Maryland are already taking toward cleaner energy, a stronger economy and healthier people
  • Help Maryland transition away from dirty energy sources like coal and natural gas, by switching to and promoting clean, renewable sources like wind and solar
  • Encourage Marylanders to take a leadership role in their own homes and communities by educating friends and neighbors on the importance of transitioning to clean energy
  • Support good-paying clean energy jobs that help build stronger and healthier communities
  • Protect our kids from the extremes of today (e.g., air pollution, dangerous storms) before they become the norms of tomorrow


Who We Are

Renew Maryland is a diverse coalition of more than 40 Maryland environmental health care advocates, faith leaders, environmental and conservation groups, union organizations, government agencies and many more. The coalition supports increasing Maryland’s renewable energy and energy efficiency use because it will create jobs, help rein in rising energy costs and improve public health by giving us cleaner air and water.

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