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At Renew Maryland we believe in a cleaner, stronger and more prosperous Maryland for everyone. A Maryland that we are proud to call home today, and for future generations.

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Marylanders Making a Difference


The Town of Highland Beach

From installing rain gardens to making the town hall building LEED platinum certified, the Town of Highland Beach has taken numerous steps to increase energy efficiency and stop stormwater runoff from ending up in Maryland waterways. Mayor Bill Sanders says, “We take our responsibilities for the historic nature of the town very, very seriously. We also recognize that because we are a historic community, we have an additional responsibility to make sure that we are great stewards of the environment and in particular the Chesapeake Bay.” 



What is Maryland doing to move our state to cleaner, more renewable energy?

In 2009, the Maryland General Assembly tasked the state with creating a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act (GGRA) Plan in order to reduce the state’s production of greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by the year 2020. Read More


What is Maryland doing to strengthen our "clean energy" economy?

In addition to its environmental focus, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan is designed to produce a variety of benefits related to economic development. Read More


What is Maryland doing to improve the health of citizens?

By cleaning up our air, Maryland residents will be able to breathe easier and limit their exposure to the harmful effects of pollution. Read More

Yes, Let's Renew Maryland! I pledge to:

I am committed to a stronger future for Maryland built on clean, renewable energy. Values that will leave more money in our pockets and keep pollution out of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we grow our food.

It’s time for Marylanders to unite and take a stand for cleaner, more affordable energy, higher-wage, family-supporting jobs and healthier communities.

I am signing this pledge because I want a better Maryland today. I pledge to do my part now, so we can ALL breathe, drink and eat easier.

  • Help Maryland transition away from dirty energy sources like coal and natural gas, by switching to/promoting clean, renewable sources like wind and solar;
  • Shop/buy local to help strengthen our local economy and our communities like at my local farmer’s market;
  • Support good-paying clean energy jobs that help build stronger and healthier communities by getting an energy audit and finding out what community solar or other renewable energy might be available to me in my community;
  • Share stories of friends, neighbors and community members doing their part to increase energy efficiency and help OUR community.

Please sign this pledge with your email. You’ll get updates from our campaign and an email from us asking for your home address so we can send you a campaign magnet. Thank you for your support!

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